Thursday, March 31, 2011

Enjoy free movie tickets and treats with SMART Rewards and SM Cinemas

Amazing movie deals delivered in high-tech fashion await subscribers of leading wireless services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart). Smart Rewards, the country’s first mobile phone rewards program, now offers free movie tickets and treats to loyal Smart Gold, Smart Buddy, and Smart Bro users.

Reinforcing its commitment to innovation, the telco leader has partnered with SM Cinemas to allow Smart Rewards users to redeem their free tickets to blockbuster treats in a quick, easy, and high-tech manner, through the cutting-edge BCODE technology.

Qualified Smart Gold and Smart Buddy subscribers can claim free tickets, popcorn and drinks whenever they visit any SM Cinema anywhere in the country, just by texting the correct item code to 9800. (A list of item codes may be pulled by sending INQUIRY to 9800.)

A BCODE will then be sent to the subscriber via SMS. The subscriber simply needs to scan this code at the BCODE terminal located at the lobby of any SM Cinema anywhere in the country, wait for a coupon to be dispensed, and exchange this coupon for a complimentary movie ticket at the ticketing counter.

Those who want to watch their free movie on a later date can simply exchange their coupons for a movie pass.

Qualified Smart Bro users may also redeem free items via their online account, from where they can print out the BCODE. After scanning the printed out BCODE on the terminal, they can exchange the coupon for movie passes or tickets at SM Cinema ticketing counters.

For the complete movie experience, Smart Rewards users can also redeem their free beverage or popcorn just by presenting the coupons at the snack bar.

Through the partnership between Smart Rewards and SM Cinemas, users can experience movies like never before and enjoy blockbuster deals through a convenient and innovative way. Text “REWARDS” to 9800 for FREE to start redeeming exclusive silverscreen treats only from Smart Rewards.

To know your available rewards points, text “POINTS” to 9800. For further details, see Smart flyers and print ads, or visit

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