Friday, September 23, 2011

Taking a break at home – the new 2012 collection from BoConcept

In a time where everything is still uncertain our homes grow more important to us. It is at home we find security and balance and it is at home we can take a break and decide what is important to us. The new 2012 BoConcept collection of design furniture and accessories has everything you need to take a break. The collection is now available in BoConcept stores in more than 50 countries.

Inspired by the outdoors
The materials for the new collection are found in nature like the sofa in thick, luxurious leather. There is a new softness in the look – the rounded corners of the voluminous armrests in combination with leather that calls for a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. The same soft lines appear in the dining chair - a refined and expressive piece of design with oak legs and a choice of plain or upholstered seat. The round shapes of the black dining table, the coffee table with glass top and the crisp side tables complement the warm and laidback look.

Wood dominates and colours are subtle and inspired by the 70’s with a palette of browns and greys. The gorgeous moss green in the handmade rug spices up the room without taking all the attention. To prevent the look from being too dark and heavy, white- and glossy surfaces are used as an injection of brightness.

Get the new catalogue for free at your local BoConcept Brand Store
Make it yours
The accessories can be mixed and matched for your personal style. Elegant cushions made from vintage saries or fun coloured ones with 70’s inspired prints give you lots of opportunities. Add a funky lamp with an industrial look or go for the natural with the Woody floor lamp. Top it all off with some playful accessories like a pink horse in acrylic, a blue glass vase or a candle holder with the shape of a gigantic thread spool.

Make your home tell the story of the people who live there. BoConcept gives you lots of choices to build rooms that not only express who you are but also are functional and inviting and offers you space to relax, to party, to play, to be you.

The new collection will be in the stores from September 2011 and featured in the new 164-page Design catalogue. Get the catalogue for free at your local BoConcept Brand Store, which you will find at

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